Why advertise in J.S. Paluch church bulletins?

A Simple, Effective, Affordable Way to Partner with Faith Communities and Increase Your Customer Base

Why Advertise in J.S. Paluch Church Bulletins?
In today’s fast changing world, a customer is not a customer forever. Consumers continually look for new products, new service providers, and better customer service — and Catholic consumers first turn their attention to their weekly church bulletin to find all three.
Well Established - J.S. Paluch publishes church bulletins across the U.S.A. and has been in the marketplace since 1913.
Great Coverage - 97% of all households attending church take at least one church bulletin home every Sunday. 74% of all members of the household read the entire church bulletin.
Great Value - 70% of all households are aware of and look at the advertising in the church bulletin. 68% of Catholic households are inclined to choose businesses who advertise in the church bulletin vs. other businesses in the same industry.
Great Loyalty - 41% of households do business with a company specifically because they advertise in a church bulletin and support local churches.
Great Product - 62% of households keep the church bulletin the entire week as a reference.
Great Ownership and Management - J.S. Paluch is a family-owned business and was founded in 1913. J.S. Paluch has faithfully provided resources and revenue for the Catholic Church in the United States for more than 100 years. The J.S. Paluch ownership and Senior Management Team are dedicated to providing excellent resources and to maintaining great customer relationships.
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Church Bulletin Advertising Works!
According to a recent University of Missouri – St. Louis Survey
97% of families take at least one bulletin home each week.
74% of all family members read every bulletin.
62% of all family members keep the bulletin in their home for one week.
70% of all family members consciously look at the ad page of the bulletin.
41% of all family members patronize a business specifically because it advertises in the bulletin.
68% of families are more inclined to patronize a firm that does advertise in the bulletin than a non-advertiser.
22% of families go out to lunch, brunch, or dinner after church each week.
Who Will Read Your Ad?
Check out some facts from Simmons Market Research about the people who make up the average Catholic parish and regularly read church bulletins:
  • 27.4% work in professional or management positions versus 17.4% for the national average
  • 23.3% have annual median incomes of $60,000 or more
  • 8 out of 10 own their own home
  • 8 out of 10 travel domestically each year
  • Church bulletin readers are 5.5 times more likely than the public-at-large to retain financial planning services
Consistent, Affordable, Effective, Trustworthy
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A yearly contract with J.S. Paluch means your message and your business remain front and center in the community. You are easily found when you are most needed. No other type of advertising keeps your name in front of your best potential clients for less. Each week, your contact information is handed out to everyone in the churches where your ad appears. More than 62% of all churchgoers keep this reference for the entire week. Churchgoers see bulletin advertisers as supporters of their parish and place more trust in services from local businesses.

Our Customers Speak

Advertising in a church family setting, word travels when you do a good job! Working with J.S. Paluch Co. is no work at all; literally, they do it all for you!
—Jason E Chase Construction
The jewelry business is one that people need to have trust in you and having someone of the same parish and a family business appeals to them. It is easy, simple and no hassle.
—AAA Family Gems
J.S. Paluch allows me total creative control over my ad and offers many color options to help my ad stand out. By advertising in my church bulletin, I am not only helping my church but also helping myself and my business.
—Melbourne Realty